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Christian Statements of Faith

Christian Statements of Faith

Are you looking for a gift for someone or for yourself that is a tasteful and beautiful expression of faith? We have curated and created some lovely earrings, necklaces pendants and bracelets for you in the Milestone Collection.

The Milestone Collection features 925 Sterling Silver, higher grade 935 Argentium, and 14k gold along with crystals, gemstones and diamonds. There are simple pieces and pieces that you can design and customize yourself, as well as pieces designed by Sheree Young and Swiss Avenue Designs.

The Milestone Collection is more than Statements of Faith. There are pieces to celebrate births, Mother's, brides, the loss of a loved one or pet, anniversaries, and more. 

Let your jewelry be a reflection of you and tell the story of your Christian faith.

Picture Credits:  This stunning picture was taken at the 2018 Easter Sunrise Service at the Rolke Ranch in Texas by Lori and is used with permission.